VNS Therapy®


"VNS Therapy helped control my seizures and let me be a teenager."

- Tayler,
VNS Therapy since 2011

"VNS Therapy helped me live a better life with epilepsy."

- Alysse,
VNS Therapy since 2009

"I want other people with epilepsy to know there's another option—VNS Therapy."

- Jaime,
VNS Therapy since 1999

"With fewer seizures I found new confidence and started traveling. VNS has changed my life."

- Mickey,
VNS Therapy since 2000

"I was ready to call it quits, then VNS came around and I got my life back."

- Aaron,
VNS Therapy since 2008

"VNS helped me gain back some of the independence epilepsy had taken from me."

- Candice,
VNS Therapy since 2001

Introduction to VNS Therapy

Video Testimonials

Each of the people you are about to meet has managed to overcome some of the challenges of seizures and epilepsy with help of VNS Therapy. Watch their stories and learn from their experiences. Then consider if it's time to ask your doctor if VNS Therapy might be an option for you.

Aaron's Story

Starr's Story

Johnny's Story

Mariam's Story

Jaime's Story

Candice's Story

Tayler's Story

Nicks' Story

Important Safety Information
Common side effects include: hoarseness, cough, paresthesia, and shortness of breath.